“If you are touching controlled unclassified information... then you will need to be CMMC level 3”

– Katie Arrington, CISO at the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Acquisition.

The new CMMC certification requirements will now be verified through assessments and audits. There are plenty of changes and more than enough ambiguity around what level is needed and what the minimum requirements are, and contractors are scrambling to prepare.

Gradient is here to help. Our founders are from the DoD, we run in the DoD and bring over 100 years of combined DoD experience to you.

If you want to learn more about how to fast-track your CMMC compliance so you can win and retain contracts, this webinar is for you.

Two critical CMMC rules you need to know: 

  • Compliance affects existing contracts - even if you aren’t going after new business you still need this 
  • Cybersecurity will be an “allowable cost” in DoD contracts 

Hear from Lisa Black, Chief Administration Officer at Cambridge International Systems, experts with over 25 years in security and Matt Siwicke, Director of Solutions Engineering at Gradient, where you’ll learn more about:

  • Understanding CMMC compliance and what level you need to be at
  • How to identify gaps in your current cybersecurity that you need to address
  • How to fill those gaps quickly
  • How Gradient helps you easily meet and manage your CMMC compliance and can even help you bid on higher-level deals
  • How you can leverage Gradient’s virtual CISO to meet CMMC compliance and DoD Revenue Assurance requirements

Feature Speakers

  • Matt Siwicke
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Gradient Cyber
  •   Lisa Black
      Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Cambridge
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    Technical Manager
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    Technical Manager

Featured Speakers

Matt Siwicke - Director of Solutions Engineering, Gradient Cyber

Matt has 23 years of experience architecting and implementing advanced next-generation cybersecurity solutions. As a former CISO, he brings a wealth of knowledge having lived the role of balancing business needs and budgets with the technical chops to go hands-on.

Lisa Black - Chief Administration Officer, Cambridge

Lisa Black, draws on her previous experience as CIO of small, midsize, and large government contracting corporations to manage Cambridge’s IT Department as well as Facilities, Security, Risk, and Quality. Her extended oversight as CAO, allow Lisa to more comprehensively oversee CMMC implementation and management from the security perspective.